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The m3 Corp

We do not Fear the flame, though it burns us. We do not fear the fire, though it consumes us.
And we do not fear its light, though it reveals the darkness of our souls, for therein lies our power.

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The story of the m3 Corporation

About Us


The m3 Corporation was founded by Exphexis in 2007 with two friends, Darth Ninjabader and MDA Integra.

The first mission statement of the corporation was to be successful in the production and manufacturing industry, however with the increase in pirate activities around the Essence Region it made operations increasingly difficult so the decision was made to develop a defence sector within the corporation.

Over a small period of time the corporation and its pilots started to gain a reputation as a force to be reckoned with. Pilots seeking refuge or revenge for the deaths of their fellow pilots started to join the corporation, leading to and increasing presence of patrols which often featured the notorious 'Drake Blob'. Shortly after this m3 decided to cease all production plans indefinitely and instead steered towards becoming a dedicated combat corporation.

Aserio at this point was made the first m3 Corp diplomat to assist with the way forward in forging allegiance with other corporations in the area resulting in m3 Corp joining its first alliance 'FOE'.

Now after nearly 10 years the m3 corp has been a part of several alliances and still to this day is supporting its friends and allies - currently situated with the Evictus alliance.

Alliance History:

Friend or Enemy - 2007
BlackWater. - 2008
Intrepid Crossing - 2009
Tactical Narcotics Team - 2009
Paxton Federation - 2009
R.A.G.E - 2010
Curatores Veritatis Alliance - 2010
Fidelas Constans - 2011
Evictus. - 2016

Respect • Honour • Loyalty

Information and Requirements

Thank you for the interest in joining the m3 Corp, below you will find a detailed breakdown of what we provide as well as our requirements for all new potential members to meet. If you would like to discuss anything with us before submitting your application, and can join our in-game channel 'm3recruit'.

- A reliable strong bond within our leadership within m3. With the CEO and Directors being together for a long time, the plans of the corp are often discussed ensuring a secure and smooth running of the corporation.

- Friendly community. The initial plan of m3 corporation was to gain a good group of friendly players who enjoy playing EVE together, we have succeeded in this and we plan to keep it that way. Friends stretch far beyond corporation members, we have formed very strong allies with other corporations over our time in EVE and gang activities will often include members of our allies.

- Guidance and support. Every corp member gets 100% support off the other corporation members, we really like to focus on what the player wants to achieve and we'll help the player develop their character so they can do what it is they want to do within the corporation.

- Fun fun fun. We aim to make our members game play as enjoyable as possible. We are serious game players and we want members to push through and make their mark on the corporation. While the corporation has a senior command of a CEO Co-CEO and two directors, members have equal say into the activities and involvements of the corporation.

- Character at least 1 month old. We appreciate the urge of new pilots to get involved in corporations however we will not accept anyone under 1 month old. We offer a public channel (m3_public) for pilots to join where we are happy to offer tips and advice until pilots are of age to join the corporation.

- To be active. We appreciate members cannot always be on every night or if they are not for very long, we all have real lives to live and we don't not expect anyone commit a huge amount of hours. All we ask is that when members are on-line you make an effort to communicate to the other corporation members and take advantage of the web-based community we have worked hard to setup. The web-based community includes a website, forums and kill board. All of our corporation matters are discussed on the forums and in order for you to know what is going on, you will need to be a part of the community.

- Be prepared to share your API Key. As part of our recruitment process you will be required to share your API key with our senior staff. We use the API key as part of our corporation security; it will be used to see what characters are on your account. It is perfectly safe for you to share this information with us, as it only gains access to your character sheet and skill information.

- Be prepared to learn and participate in PVP. We run regular fleets through on home systems and maximum participation is always appreciated.

- Taxes. We have a 0% tax and 10mil isk tax payment per person. This has proven to be the best way to manage the corp finances and provides a fair level playing field to all members. We don't profit from your own isk making and we get a managed income for POS materials, jump fuel, office rentals and alliance dues. Taxes are paid monthly at the beginning of the month. New members will be asked to pay on the 1st of the month after you join.

- Mumble. This is an essential application for all of our major operations you will be required to use Mumble, if you are unable to speak as you do not have a microphone that is fine, you can listen in on the fleet commander. The Mumble client can be downloaded at https://www.mumble.info - you will be provided with the server details once your application has been approved.

Think you have what it takes?

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Recruitment info & Requirements

Thank you for your interest in joining the m3 Corp,
below you will find some brief details, you can find a more detailed write up by click on the more information button at the bottom.

To generate your API key click here

We Provide:
- A Friendly community
- PVP Ship Replacement Programs
- Coalition and Alliance fleets
- Small Gang Roaming
- High ISK opportunities with nullsec Exploration
- Guidence and support

Qualifications and requirements:
- Your character is atleast 1 month old.
- To be active (Real life comes first though!)
- Be prepared to fight

Additional information:
- Voice comms are essential for us, we use Mumble
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Logistics   Tackle   DPS   Scout   Capitals   Black Ops   FC
Logistics   Tackle   DPS   Scout   Capitals   Black Ops   FC